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Our Truck Driving School History

Having experience being a truck driver, driver's mentor, and trainer, and then eventually owning a trucking company, EVOLVED EXPRESS LLC, we started the COMMUNITY TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL LLC to support and encourage those seeking careers in the trucking industry.


We offer new technology and hands-on accelerated training for achieving a successful career in the trucking industry.

     Demand for qualified commercial drivers is currently growing rapidly which means it is truly a great time to be a commercial truck driver with a CDL.


Our commitment is to our students, providing new technology training to assist them in pursuing their new career path. Learning to do it right the first time is paramount to excelling in this endeavor.

     Our mission is to deliver high quality, convenient, cost-effective and comprehensive career training to equip entry-level truck drivers with the tools necessary to obtain gainful employment in the transportation industry.

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