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Admission and Enrollment Policies

Minimum Age

Entrance requirement for students applying to Community Truck Driving School LLC is 21 years or older in addition to requirements noted below:

All applicants who satisfy the criteria also specified below, will be asked to sign an enrollment agreement upon acceptance to school.


Specific Entrance Requirements (HS, GED, ATB)

Admission to Community Truck Driving School LLC is open to any high school graduate or GED (Equivalent).


Individuals with no high school diploma or GED can be admitted provided such applicants are able to pass an ability to benefit examination Wonderlic (WBST) Test which will be administered by the School at no charge prior to attending.


This test assesses the student's ability to read, write and understand the English language as well as some basic mathematics. Student must take all 3 portions:

     (a) Language; minimum score of 42

     (b) Reading, minimum score of 43

     (c) Numerical, minimum score of 41


Other Requirements

     (a) A student must also provide a copy of a valid driver's license

     (b) Applicants required to pass DOT physical and drug test

     (c) Obtain a current Department of Motor Vehicle moving violation report

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